Meet the Founder

Joanna Yao McDermott

Clean Beauty Entrepreneur

Beauty-lover and makeup obsessed Joanna Yao has tried her fair share of cosmetic products. She first fell in love with cosmetics while watching her mother put on her makeup every morning. After years of sifting through thousands of products, comparing and testing each formula to find the best on the market, she was still left desiring a line of products that ticks all of her boxes: easy-to-use, clean ingredients and phenomenal formula that is actually nourishing to the skin. 

She believes that cosmetics don't have to be filled with harmful chemicals in order to work. In fact, she wanted to prove that your makeup can be beneficial to your skin. Heartd Beauty is a growing collection of products that continue to give us what the market is missing - beauty, simplicity and nourishment  - while being formulated to perfection, so both you and your skin love the experience. Enjoy!



Welcome to next-level clean beauty that’s all about keeping the luxury while providing clean makeup that performs. Olive oil and beeswax are the centers of focus in our products. These moisturizing showstoppers are clinically proven to actually make your skin better, even when it’s bare. So you can look like your favorite self every single day.

You will never see one of our ingredients on any banned list. Unlike many of the products you own, we are cruelty-free and handcraft our formula without mineral oils, talc, silicones, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates and phthalates. 


Handmade Lipstick with Organic Ingredients



The weak regulation of the US beauty industry seems like a secret that's been well hidden from consumers over the last few decades. We are here to pull back the curtain and let you know what is really in your everyday products. The EU has banned 1328 chemicals from being put into their cosmetics. In contrast, as of 2018, the US has banned only 30. This lack of care that the industry's regulatory body takes is very discerning. As a result, companies can pump various cheap, harmful chemicals into cosmetic products. 

You do not need to compromise health for beauty. Heartd Beauty is here, so you can have it all.